5 Signs You Should See an Endodontist

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An endodontist is a dentist that specializes in saving teeth. An endodontist has a 4-year dental degree, and additionally, they have spent 2 to 3 years in graduate school specializing in caring for the tooth pulp and the tissue that surrounds the root. An endodontist doesn’t perform routine dental care, such as cleanings or fillings.

They spend their time on root canals and repairing trauma to the teeth. A root canal is needed when the pulp inside of your teeth has become infected by bacteria.

The bacteria can cause the pulp to become infected, and an endodontist can remove the infected area. An endodontist’s job is to save your natural teeth so that you can avoid bridges and implants. Endodontists use the latest technology to optimize treatment and pain relief for their patients.

What Are the Top Signs to See an Endodontist?

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1. You have a toothache

You experience pain in your tooth either when you are biting down on food, or when there has been no trigger. This might be caused by a cracked tooth. When your tooth is cracked, bacteria can enter into the pulp, causing damage and infection. A root canal can remove the infected tissue and relieve the pain.

2. Pain that doesn’t go away after eating hot or cold foods

This can mean that you have experienced decay or trauma to the pulp of the tooth. Again, a root canal may be needed to treat this.

3. Swelling of your gum near the tooth

Inflammation may occur around a tooth that has severe decay. This can lead to a throbbing pain in your jaw. In some cases, the bone may have become infected. Your endodontist can diagnose and treat this pain.

4. You have a pimple on your gums where you have a toothache

This pimple is a pus-filled lesion which is a sign that you have an infection in your tooth.

5. Your tooth has become discolored or darkened

If a tooth becomes discolored compared to the teeth around it, it can mean that there has been a change in the pulp tissue of the tooth. Often, this is from some kind of trauma. An endodontist can diagnose the reason for the discoloration and treat the tooth.
Often a patient will first be introduced to the endodontist by a referral from their regular dentist.

Dentists and endodontists work together, and your dentist may refer you if you need a root canal, if you’re having trouble with an existing root canal, if you have a cracked tooth, or if you require an apicoectomy. An apicoectomy is sometimes needed if a previous root canal has failed.


Endodontist in Lone Tree are very expert at performing root canals and other tooth pulp procedures. They use advanced technology to diagnose patients. Because of their expertise, they usually complete their procedures in a quick amount of time.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, don’t wait to get help. The longer a tooth is infected, the more severe it can become. Contact an endodontist for a consultation. Or see your regular dentist for a referral.

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