Solutions For Craze Lines in Teeth

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Have you taken a close look at your teeth in the mirror lately and noticed that there some lines in your teeth that weren’t there the last time you did a self examination? It’s quite normal to be concerned when you new lines on or in your teeth because it can make you feel worried or even a bit self conscious.

But What Are These Lines?

Craze lines are vertical or horizontal lines that appear on your teeth especially without noticeable pain or a decline in your dental health. Many experienced dentists have suggested that it is due to excessive usage of teeth and lots of grinding and certain habits such as biting nails. They might appear discolored and it can be naturally developed or after trauma.

craze lines dentist recommendations - Solutions For Craze Lines in Teeth

Typically, the craze lines are painless but they can make your enamel to be easily stained. This may make you feel embarrassed anytime you want to smile. Therefore, let us have a look at possible solutions to craze lines.

Most adults develop these craze lines through normal wear and tear but they can also be as a result of trauma which is caused by:

-Chewing of non-food objects

– tongue rings

-previous dental drills in the tooth

– fingernail biting

-prolong teeth clenching and grinding

-sudden extreme temperature changes

-Chewing frozen foods

-cutting or opening of hard objects using teeth.

Dawson Dental discusses some of these causes (and a few others) in more detail.

Some people could be having craze lines unknowingly because they can appear very faint at first but as time goes they become more visible. This is because it is facilitated by drinking substances that can leaves stains between the cracks.

Solutions for Craze lines on teeth

Craze line is not a serious medical problem that occurs due to bacterial infection or hormonal changes. Therefore, it would not require extensive surgical medication or cosmetic operation to work on these craze lines appearing on your teeth.

The first thing that you should know is to take precautions by avoiding further stress on your cracked teeth. This involves refraining from using teeth to open hard objects or any other activity that can extend the crack.

First of all, if you are a smoker and you have craze lines it is high time that you quit smoking because cigarettes contain dangerous compounds that can greatly damage the enamel thus making it susceptible to other conditions.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a natural solution to fix these problems you must quit using colored beverages and drinks to like soda, tea, and coffee.

The substances that you also take should neither be too cold nor too hot because as time goes your teeth can become sensitive who can inflict some pain. Avoid substances that make the cracks more visible.

However, If the natural solutions do not work as you expected you might need to visit your dentist for more advance medication. Some of the medical procedures that will help you in fixing the problems include the following:-


According to experienced Boyton Beach dentist Dr. Ty Eriks, this the best solution to fix this problem because it provides external artificial which is made of porcelain to hide any cracks appearing on the front part of the teeth.

Ideally, the most important thing when it comes to fixing craze lines is to try as much as possible to hide it from being visible because there is no permanent solution to this problem.

Finally, after trying out these options it is important to keep your teeth in good condition by avoiding activities that I had earlier mentioned above. Despite the craze lines being harmless it is important to fix it as soon as possible and if it persists seek medical attention because it can lead to the development of cavities in the future.


If the occurrence of craze lines is attributed to external pressure then there is a likelihood that there are some little fractures in your teeth. These fractures accommodate stains especially if you are using colored never or soft drinks. It makes the craze lines to be more dominant and visible enough.

Therefore teeth whitening is the best option because it helps in stain removal which makes the craze lines to be less visible or completely out of sight if it is done properly.

It will be difficult for someone to easily notice that you have craze lines that allow you to smile without fear of being negatively judged.

After whitening your teeth it is important to constantly brush them using the recommended toothpaste as prescribed by your dentist.


This involves the use of porcelain to fix craze lines on teeth. It makes these cracks to be less prominent because of blended colorization which will be enhanced through bonding.

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